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The IT industry is a complicated web of different topics and concepts, and while the field has been steadily growing through education, we find that a lot of resources lack accessibility. This game will serve to bridge that gap as much as possible. There will be multiple different versions of the game released, and we will go over each one in detail below:

  1. Education through game design.
  2. Determination through perseverance.
  3. Unity and Community through support.
  4. Ability through exposure.
  5. Triumph through overcoming obstacles.
  6. Intelligence through guidance.
  7. Opulence through knowledge.
  8. Not giving up.

These values make up SeaShellStudioCo's EDUCATION belief system!

Picture of the Owner Brian Garrison


Brian Garrison is an indie game developer with a strong background in software engineering. He started his education with an Associate in Software Engineering from West Virginia Northern Community College, but quickly realized he wanted to apply his newly learned skills to the video gaming industry. Now, he is working towards his Bachelor of Science in Game Design and Programming and Southern New Hampshire University with hopes of making this dream come true. He values the idea that education can be brought to individuals through video games, and that not all video games have to be "hardcore" to draw in the masses. Inspired by puzzle games such as Myst and simulation games like Car Mechanic Simulator, he wants to spread knowledge and thought provocation through his works. This is not to say that his works will purely be centered around education, but regardless of the style of game he believes that something useful can be learned. Whether he's developing a game that provides a moral benefit or a direct educational benefit, you can guarantee that he will provide a great experience!