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Future Project Ideas and Studio Goals

IT Consultant Simulator Learning Version.

We're hoping to create one more version of the game that will be released after the other 2 have been fully developed. This version of the game is in direct relation to the Developer Version. However, this version of the game will be free. The caveat to this is that the only way to get anything out of the game is to have a lab designed by someone with the developer version. We want this to be done so that students can easily use the software without having to pay an outrageous price for it, and schools are only responsible for purchasing the software at a low price. We hope that this low price/student accessible concept will prevent the student from stressing over traditional book/lab costs.


We have an idea for an ARPG similar to that of Diablo and Path of Exile, but instead of the focus purely being on hack-and-slash, we want to put more emphasis on the mathematics behind it. The game will be transparent as to how all things are calculated, and our hope is that we can create a game that pushes people towards more advanced mathematical concepts. We believe mathematics is something people either love or hate and we are hoping we can bring some people to the dark-side of loving it!


As we progress as a studio to meet our game design goals, more information will be populated here. We hope to be able to provide insight and roadmaps to our future goals as a studio and what we can achieve in the game industry.