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Welcome to SeaShellStudioCo.

We are a game design studio created by our owner Brian Garrison. As it stands now, he is the only member of the team, but hopefully someday in the future that will change. SeaShellStudioCo is committed to providing education through game design, whether that be learning emotional or skill-based learning. Accessibility to education and making sure that learning is fun is something that we feel is commonly overlooked in our society, and it’s our dream to change that. We hope that, despite what our game may be, that you have fun and get the same amount of it as we have put in!

We are currently working on an IT game called IT Consultant Simulator. It is a multifaceted project designed to bring the world of IT to you in a fun and educational way. Our hope is to bring easily accessible labs to the masses to more easily prepare for certifications and courses that you may be interested in. We are anticipating including core concepts in Hardware, Software, Networking and Security based troubleshooting, with a lot of focus on concepts necessary to take and pass the CompTIA and other leading certification exams.

Though, at the moment, we have not designed a released game, you can still look at some of our owners past school projects. Please see more on our Past Projects page.